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Thanks for coming to my little corner of the web. Due to the novel Coronavirus, we, as a society, are being challenged to find new ways in maintaining our daily rituals in health and well being. This is my way of staying connected to our community in the midst of chaos. 

Always active in sports as a child, I found exercising to be natural. But with that said, not every activity is the same. It's important to find what sparks joy. I found my passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while living on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. There, I established my love for running and strength training (hello Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred!) workouts, and yoga. I noticed the difference in how I felt most of all. I had more energy, I craved foods that made me feel good, I slept better, and day to day movements became easier to manage.  


I didn't know then, that it was the beginning of a beautiful journey.



While living in paradise, I discovered yoga. A friend asked me to accompany her to a Yoga Sculpt class at the nearby CorePower Yoga. I was hooked. I immediately signed up for teacher training to teach yoga with weights. It was the perfect blend of yoga, cardio, and strength training - all my personal favorites.

My journey has taken me all over the US which eventually led me to Charlotte, North Carolina where I participated in a 200 hour teacher training with CorePower Yoga. I learned the history, philosophy, anatomy, and so much more. Yoga is truly a lifestyle, not just an activity. I learned a lot about myself during that teacher training and am so grateful for the connections I made during my time there.

Here in Richmond, I have been fortunate enough to call Humble Haven Yoga home. A beautiful community where I have grown immensely not just as a teacher, but also as a student.

Find out when to flow with me here.



Spin, or Indoor Cycle, came to me while living back in my home state of Arkansas. I started as a front desk employee at a brand new spin studio. I didn't even really know what it was at the time, but I was striving towards a career in fitness, so I figured it would be a good experience. I fell in love with the music, the choreography, the energy. It was like a dance party on a bike. I studied for my instructor certification through Mad Dogg Spinning and transitioned onto the podium.

Each studio I have taught at has given me a little something to add to my toolbox. I strive to help my riders find their full potential, both on and off the bike. The dark room, loud music, and high energy create a magical environment. I can't get enough.

Catch me on the bike at BOHO Studios. Find out when to ride with me here.

Personal Training

Personal T raining

I have to give the majority of my inspiration on becoming a personal trainer to Jillian Michaels. While living in Hawaii, I started doing her 30 Day Shred workouts. I became obsessed. With the increase in strength and mobility, I felt like a different version of myself.


When my journey took me to the coast of California, I decided to pursue a personal training certification with the International Sports Sciences Association. My purpose and hope was to help others understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, while at the same time, educating them on proper technique and alignment to ensure safety and optimal results. I finished my certification while, living back in my home state of Arkansas. I learned the ins and outs of strengthening the body and began mentoring under the owner of a small, local gym. 


I was given the opportunity to work with local titleholders within the Miss America system on their Lifestyle and Fitness (swimsuit) phase of competition. Having competed in pageants myself, I knew what the judges would look for. After months and months of hard work and preparation, Miss University of Arkansas 2016 went on to win the Overall Lifestyle and Fitness award at the state level and would later assume the title of Miss Arkansas 2016.

When the pandemic started and fitness studios were forced to close, I maintained in-person personal training at a nearby park. I now have a space in The Fan, which I use as a home base for personal training. Find out more about it here.

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