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Catching COVID

Welp - it happened.

No matter how hard I tried to be safe, COVID has finally got me. I'd say after almost two years of dodging it, this is super frustrating.

After spending a wonderful holiday with Seth's family, I get to ring in the New Year at home in quarantine. Thankfully I won't be completely alone, and will finally get the down time I've been so desperately needing.

Unfortunately this means some things will have to be pushed back. My virtual library was set to be launched January 3rd, but I have yet to finish some filming and will need some more time now that I can't do it for several days. I'm hoping to get it up and running as soon as I am feeling better and able to film - stay tuned!

For now I will be bed/couch ridden with soups, juices, kitty snuggles, and forcing Seth to finally watch Harry Potter for the first time :)

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year and please for the love of everything stay home if you aren't feeling well!

Until next time,

Tarole Ann


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