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Random Happenings

Fall time in Virginia is pretty magical.

The colored leaves remind me that life is always changing and going through phases. I feel like I've lived 5 different lifetimes since I turned 20. This lifetime is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It almost feels like a new chapter but yet not quite, more like a plot twist on the chapter I am currently writing.

It's been a busy season for me thus far. Fall = lots of fun activities..

Like pumpkin head carving parties!

Seth's friends have a farm which proved to be the perfect venue for this party. The creepy vibe was spot on and the pictures totally did this event justice!

10/10 would recommend this for your next fall event!

Time seems to speed up once Halloween hits. It's only two weeks until Thanksgiving! Have you thought about what you're doing for the holidays yet?

I have some big changes happening in my realm coming this holiday season. Revamping my training garage, workout programs, and finally a virtual library! Ya girl is busy :)

I'm trying to stay up on this blogging thing, so we'll see how it goes!

Until next time,

Tarole Ann


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